January 8, 2024

12 Best Residential Communities in Dubai to Live in 2024

On the hunt for a modern, cozy home to settle down in? We’ve got you covered! Here’s a list of residential communities in Dubai, including Dubai Marina, JVC and Arjan! Find your ideal home now!

Dubai: The Hub for Luxurious Living

Dubai, with a wide array of residential communities, stands as a worldwide hub for luxurious living. The sheer number of residential communities in Dubai means that a diverse set of preferences, lifestyles, needs and wants are all catered to. For those seeking the perfect home, Dubai continues to serve exceptional options in 2024. So, let’s explore the 12 best residential communities in Dubai. Each residential community offers unique features, so let’s delve into each of them in detail.

1. Dubai Marina

Often hailed as the largest artificial marina globally, Dubai Marina is a vast, sprawling waterfront community that stretches over an impressive 3 kilometers. The marina is a masterpiece of modern planning. It boasts an extremely extensive and widely interconnected network of waterways. Due to the unique nature of the residential community, Dubai Marina offers residents a lifestyle that has never been seen before. Picturesque views, luxurious amenities, beautiful gardens; this residential community is like a dream come true. One of the key attractions of Dubai Marina, especially for those seeking to move to Dubai, is its commitment to providing freehold property opportunities for foreigners. This makes it an ideal destination for those seeking to invest in beachfront living with a sense of permanence and ownership.

  • What’s Special: Waterfront living with access to gardens, boats, and more.
  • Location: Close proximity to Sheikh Zayed Road.
  • Amenities: Cafes, restaurants, retail stores.
  • Commute: Easy access to Dubai Internet City, Al Barsha, and Dubai Media City.
  • Properties and Prices: Diverse range with competitive pricing.
  • Average Rent: AED 100,000/year

2. Jumeirah Village Circle (JVC)

JVC stands out as the 2nd best residential community in Dubai. It is widely celebrated for its balanced blend of urban living and peaceful tranquility. The residential community is extremely well-planned, and it provides a serene environment. Additionally, JVC offers a range of modern amenities, creating an ideal setting for residents seeking both convenience and peace. If you are considering apartments in JVC, explore the diverse options available here, and discover a perfect balance between city living and peaceful surroundings.


  • What’s Special: Harmonious blend of urban living and tranquility.
  • Location: Strategic placement in Dubai.
  • Amenities: Modern facilities for a comfortable lifestyle.
  • Commute: Convenient access to key areas.
  • Properties and Prices: Competitive and varied options.
  • Average Rent: AED 75,000/year

3. Arjan

Securing its position as the 3rd best residential community in Dubai, Arjan is widely known for its exceptional location. The residential community offers a distinctive blend of modern living and technological innovations and is regarded as a prime choice for those seeking a contemporary lifestyle. If you are interested in apartments in Arjan, explore the available options here to discover residences that could be your new home.

  • What’s Special: Exceptional location
  • Location: At the foot of the Palm Jumeirah, close to the Media Free Zone.
  • Amenities: Cutting-edge technology and recreational facilities.
  • Commute: Easily accessible from various parts of Dubai.
  • Properties and Prices: Varied options catering to different preferences.
  • Average Rent: AED 70,000/year.

4. Dubailand

Dubailand is historically regarded as an ideal residential community in Dubai for families. It stands out with a wide array of projects which cater to a number of budgets. This family-centric community offers schools, clinics, and retail markets. It provides a comprehensive, family-friendly environment where residents can access educational, healthcare, and shopping facilities without venturing far from the comfort of their homes. Dubailand is not only a residential hub, but a self-sufficient community designed to meet the diverse needs of its residents seamlessly with an emphasis on family well-being.

  • What’s Special: Family-centric environment with diverse projects.
  • Location: Well-connected and accessible.
  • Amenities: Comprehensive facilities for families.
  • Commute: Convenient access to major areas.
  • Properties and Prices: Projects for varying budget ranges.
  • Average Rent: AED 60,000/year.

5. Business Bay

Business Bay, located south of downtown Dubai, is widely known for its luxurious mix of apartments and hotels, creating a highly sophisticated urban landscape. The community’s skyline is decorated with upscale residences and world-class hotels. Its central location not only attracts tourists and residents seeking a lavish lifestyle, but also positions the residential area as a sought-after hub for professionals and entrepreneurs. This is also thanks to its proximity to key business districts and commercial centers. Living in Business Bay isn’t just about indulging in luxury; it’s about being at the epicenter of Dubai’s vibrant urban life, where business, leisure, and opulence seamlessly converge.

  • What’s Special: Luxurious mix of apartments and hotels.
  • Location: Prime location south of downtown Dubai.
  • Amenities: High-end facilities for residents and tourists.
  • Commute: Easy access to downtown areas.
  • Properties and Prices: AED 80,000/year
  • Average Rent: Reflective of the area’s premium status.

6. Al Barsha

Al Barsha, a newly built residential area, is a testament to Dubai’s continuous evolution. This community has become a sought-after haven for those looking for affordable yet quality living in the city. The area’s fantastic geographic accessibility also adds to its allure, which makes it a strategic choice for residents seeking convenience in their daily lives. With a complete network of well-planned roads, complemented by efficient metro and bus transportation systems, Al Barsha stands out as a hub for diverse expatriate communities and cultures, fostering a vibrant and inclusive atmosphere that adds to the richness of the neighborhood.What’s Special: Reasonable prices and excellent accessibility.

  • Location: Geographically well-connected.
  • Amenities: Varied facilities including hotels, restaurants, and shopping malls.
  • Commute: Efficient transportation options.
  • Properties and Prices: Competitive pricing and diverse options.
  • Average Rent: AED 49,000/year.

7. Jebel Ali

Jebel Ali is a town, primarily located within an industrial area. This community, flourishing in the southwestern part of Dubai, boasts villas and luxury properties with green spaces and various amenities. It is seen as a highly affordable residential community in Dubai.

  • What’s Special: Residential gems within an industrial area.
  • Location: Southwest Dubai, 35 kilometers away.
  • Amenities: Villas, green spaces, and diverse facilities.
  • Commute: Accessible residential complexes.
  • Properties and Prices: Luxurious villas and properties.
  • Average Rent: AED 40,000/year

8. Al Barari

Al Barari is a green oasis in Dubai. It is a relatively new residential community, with development starting less than 20 years ago. With 60% of green spaces, parks, and natural lakes, this gated community provides a secluded and quiet environment.

  • What’s Special: Green oasis with abundant parks and lakes.
  • Location: Strategically located for easy access.
  • Amenities: Gated community with luxury villas.
  • Commute: Convenient access from new and old Dubai.
  • Properties and Prices: High-end villas with exclusivity.
  • Average Rent: AED 180,000/year

9. Emirates Hills

Emirates Hills offers a quiet life with distinctive green views and luxury villa neighborhoods. It is nestled close to the center of Dubai, which adds to its allure. This community is the ideal destination for families seeking various entertainment and service facilities.

  • What’s Special: Distinctive green views and luxury villa neighborhoods.
  • Location: Close proximity to the center of Dubai.
  • Amenities: Service and entertainment facilities for families.
  • Commute: Convenient access to key areas.
  • Properties and Prices: Exclusive luxury villas.
  • Average Rent: AED 180,000/year

10. City of Arabia

Spanning over 20 million square feet, this residential area is located in the center of Dubailand. It serves as a gateway to residential centers, retail centers, and business centers. This community hosts offices, schools, clinics, luxury apartments, shops, restaurants, galleries, and other unique attractions.

  • What’s Special: Gateway to residential, retail, and business centers.
  • Location: Center of Dubailand.
  • Amenities: Diverse attractions including schools and luxury apartments.
  • Commute: Well-connected with accessible transportation.
  • Properties and Prices: Varied options for residents.
  • Average Rent: AED 50,000/year

11. Dubai Pearl

Dubai Pearl stands out for its exceptional location at the foot of the Palm Jumeirah. It is located within Dubailand, and this residential community is characterized by its diverse range of options, catering to individuals of varying needs.

  • What’s Special: Exceptional location and unique dynamic technology.
  • Location: Foot of the Palm Jumeirah, close to the Media Free Zone.
  • Amenities: Cutting-edge technology and business-friendly environment.
  • Commute: Convenient access from various parts of Dubai.
  • Properties and Prices: Varied options for living and business.
  • Average Rent: AED 60,000/year

12. Burj Khalifa Housing Community

Burj Khalifa, the tallest tower in the world, provides a high-span luxury residential community. Standing at 828 meters, it houses over 900 vertical residences. The residential area of unimaginable luxuries offers various facilities such as swimming pools, restaurants, offices, and shopping opportunities with global brands. However, this makes it one of the most expensive residential communities in Dubai.

  • What’s Special: Tallest tower with high-span luxury living.
  • Location: Prime location with stunning views.
  • Amenities: Comprehensive facilities including swimming pools and restaurants.
  • Commute: Convenient access to major areas.
  • Properties and Prices: Luxury residences with diverse options.
  • Average Rent: AED 300,000/year

What should you choose?

Dubai’s top residential communities offer a diverse range of living experiences, catering to different preferences and lifestyles. According to the diverse set of parameters, Dubai Marina, JVC and Arjan are the top 3 residential communities in Dubai. Contact us for more information regarding the acquisition of apartments in these communities.